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Marijuanaport420, Struggle, stress, and emotional confusion and guilt. Just a few words to describe growing up in conservative America when it comes to Cannabis. I was born in 1966 and grew up in the Southern States. Each Sunday service guaranteed you reminders about living the straight and narrow. One subject I remember well from multiple Pastor — no matter how you look at it — Marijuana is bad and will destroy you and your loving family will be heartbroken over your use of “the smoke.” Buy weed online with zelle

Sad irony was that they were not really looking at Cannabis at all. These men of influence had the power to stigmatize a plant and abused the crap out of that power. This plant has been around longer than civilization — so why the hell is it so evil and why was so much guilt levied against me and fellow users ?

Each of us have varied answers to that question but so similar. Man can be taught to hate what he does not understand and honestly for so many decades mans been taught to hate the herb. Most know the history of Northern America and the insane criminalization of Cannabis. Our legal system has terrorized nonviolent marijuana users and caregivers. I made sure growing up that I was cautious if I ever brought up ganja. I never really understood the depth of hate from my elders when it came to Cannabis. I learned that despite what hate and guilt came my way I knew that it helped me deal with being relocated six times during high school. That dirty little secret helped keep me sane from so much push to loose my shit. Buy weed online with zelle

buy marijuana online with zelle

That little secret protected me when my father would drink and abuse my mother. If I had drank like him I would have fought with him. That 17 year old walked away and smoked a joint. I was removed from him and I felt safe because the mental buffer created by marijuana. Grateful. Helpful dirty little secret. For the reader, why at this stage of my life am I writing my story ? Buy weed online with zelle

When I received my Parkinson’s Diagnosis and other related maladies I felt my world shift in focus and began taking stock in my life and what did I want to leave here after I am gone. Since I am not a wealthy man I choose to make the most I can of my voice and my experience with Cannabis. Honestly I know its because of cannabis I am here today. To give respect to a plant in my own way and reach out hoping to be supportive of other cannabis users or people considering using cannabis for their individual needs. Still the best place to buy marijuana online with cash app

This was written to show respect to a plant that saved me from opioids that Doctors put me on and give back some of the saving grace I’ve received from the plant. I went into those doctors offices doing what I was supposed to. Trust the Doctor and do what he says cause he or she knows best. Bullshit. Buy weed online with zelle

I did trust and I did take to heart what the Doctor told me about severe anxiety and how to help ease the pressure of it on a daily basis. I took that clonopin multiple times daily as prescribed and built a tolerance.

Each visit I would tell the Doc I was worried about the tolerance and taking more to get the same effect. He said, “take them as I said to.” Well in a small bit of time I had a tolerance that required more daily pills. Buy weed online with zelle

I lost 102 pounds on those pills and almost died. My wife an RN used (here we go – hang on – wait for it: DEVIL WEED to lessen my withdrawals and ease me back
to sanity.) Those pastors and folks that cared so damn much when they were telling me that marijuana was just of the devil and evil. Where were they when I followed the damn rules of the doctors?. Buy weed online texas

Where were they as I shook and cried from withdrawals resultant from doctor recommended dosages ? I am so thankful I lived to see legalization efforts actually bear fruit. Buy weed online with zelle

Now, Cannabis slows my Parkinson’s tremors and buffers me against anxiety. I use Rick Simpson Oil for my tremors and can hold a fork and eat and wipe my butt without issue. To those of you out there that are confused. It is possible to shake so much that cleaning your backside is impossible. The RSO gives me back many of my abilities. I can sit here and type this for you to read only because I can actually hit almost every key I try for on this keyboard. Buy weed online

Comedian Mike Glazer & journalist/actress Mary Jane (yes, that’s her real name) Gibson whipped up this recipe for Kief-Dusted Sea Salt Brownies, and they are delicious. Don’t take our word for it — get baking! And while you whisk away, listen to a few fresh episodes of their podcast Weed + Grub. Spark up and chow down with the duo as they smoke, snack, and swap tales about cannabis, comedy, sex, cooking, pop culture. Weed + Grub is two friends sharing laughs and stories, while also interviewing fascinating guests from all walks of life like Jim Belushi, Laganja Estranja and Rachel True. Light a joint, grab a bite and buckle up.

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Comedian Mike Glazer & journalist/actress Mary Jane (yes, that’s her real name) Gibson whipped up this recipe for Kief-Dusted Sea Salt Brownies, and they are delicious. Don’t take our word for it — get baking! And while you whisk away, listen to a few fresh episodes of their podcast Weed + Grub. Spark up and chow down with the duo as they smoke, snack, and swap tales about cannabis, comedy, sex, cooking, pop culture. Weed + Grub is two friends sharing laughs and stories, while also interviewing fascinating guests from all walks of life like Jim Belushi, Laganja Estranja and Rachel True. Light a joint, grab a bite and buckle up.

buy marijuana online with zelle

Mike, Janet and Gianna Honig stood with newly inaugurated Gov. Phil Murphy in Trenton as he announced one of his first acts as governor in January 2018: a 60-day review of the New Jersey’s strained medical marijuana program.

But missing, for the first time, was the Howell family’s fourth member: Jake. The 7-year-old boy had died after a years-long battle with Ewing sarcoma just two days before.

The day marked the first of many times the family would speak up for Jake, who found relief from cannabis oil during his last few months. They would tell a story patients in New Jersey’s medical marijuana program knew too well: how high prices, monthly dispensary limits and stigma can interrupt someone’s access to cannabis. buy weed online vegas

‘After months of planning between multiple organizations, we are thrilled to finally be opening our first of six recruitment centres which are all situated within a few kilometres of Canadian Forces Bases’.

Northern Shores Pharmacy at 10 Maplewood Ave, will see the official launch an observational study which will seek to identify the optimal cannabinoid profile and therapeutic dose of medical cannabis oil for military veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The event happens at noon today and is the first of six recruitment centres, says a news release from Avail Cannabis, which will be applying for ethics approval.

Can U Buy Weed Oil Online?

With more cannabis available for purchase than ever before, it leaves many people wondering how to get their hands on the latest and greatest marijuana products. But what if marijuana isn’t legal in your state? How do you get access to legal cannabis? Whether you live in a state that has or has not legalized cannabis, finding and purchasing legal, hassle-free weed can sometimes be a confusing process.

If you live in a state where marijuana is currently illegal, the short answer is no. The federal government still considers cannabis a Schedule I drug, grouped right beside cocaine and heroin. Shipping cannabis across state lines is always illegal at least until it becomes federally legal. While there are websites that will ship marijuana to you no matter how old you are or where you are located – remember that shipping across state lines is considered drug trafficking.

Can I Buy Weed Online?

While shipping cannabis across state lines may be illegal, many legal weed delivery services exist within the borders of certain states. In states where delivery services are legally allowed to operate, consumers can have products delivered straight to their door. While delivery services are not available in all 50 states – yet – it is an option for a few of our proud states!

In Arizona, California and New York deliveries are allowed for individuals with a state approved medical cannabis card. Recreational cannabis deliveries are also available for California residents over the age of 21. However, in New York, only certain products are available for delivery. In Colorado, a bill recently passed which will allow the delivery of recreational and medical marijuana starting in 2020. Legitimate delivery services are a new up and coming trend that consumers should be on the lookout for.

Order Ahead from Your Local Dispensary

While you may not be able to get your green delivered straight to your doorstep – many dispensaries offer a pre-order service. Different online services allow you to view and browse the store’s current inventory and place your order online for pickup. So on your next visit to any dispensary, skip the lines and place an order ahead of time.

How to Spot A Cannabis Scam

If you are one of the millions who frequent cannabis Instagram pages, you have undoubtedly seen some of the marijuana scammers advertising in the comment sections on popular pages. An account will advertise pictures of weed and then offer to ship anywhere in the world for a very affordable price. It can be deceiving because the account will even list a phone number that you can call and order through. However, these numbers are only temporary and created through a burner app. This means that as soon as they have made a transaction, they can trash the number. The account holder will then use this burner number to broker a deal with their latest victim. Once the victim has deposited money into the dealer’s accounts, they stop communication and are never heard from again. The buyer is left with no product and hole in their wallet.

While it may be tempting to order cannabis online, we strongly recommend you order from:


Tips for Ordering Marijuana Online

  1. Don’t buy cannabis from unverified accounts on social media. In fact, stay away from making weed purchases on social media, period.
  2. Don’t mail or receive cannabis across state lines.
  3. Order online from your favorite dispensary! Skip the lines, walk in and walk out!
  4. DO be on the lookout for verified legal marijuana delivery services – especially if you live in Colorado!
  5. DO check out Marijuanaport420 for the latest deals in your area and the most recent news!


We’re all human. Mistakes happen. Anyone who smokes frequently eventually loses their weed, accidentally throws it away, or even spills a drink all over their stash. The “my weed got wet” moment isn’t a fun one. If you’re reading this now for that very reason, you’re probably asking a few questions. Can you still smoke weed if it gets wet? What happens when weed gets wet? What the best way to dry wet weed? Fortunately for you, we know a few methods for safely drying it out. These tricks won’t work every time, but it’s worth a shot, right?

The Problem With Wet Weed

You might be tempted to just ignore the fact that your weed is wet – we suggest not doing this. First off, over time, wet weed will develop mold. Moldy weed is dangerous to your health, so you should do everything you can to prevent its development. Additionally, wet marijuana is almost impossible to grind; and even if it was already ground before it got wet, it’s incredibly difficult to burn. Finally, even if you do manage to somehow get it to burn, it’ll taste awful. Damp, acrid weed with excess water vapor due to moisture is a very unpleasant experience. Trust us.

There are three specific occurrences that, unfortunately, make it unsafe to smoke your bud. Regardless of whether you dry it out successfully, weed is no longer safe to smoke if it’s been run through the washing machine or dropped in a pool or the ocean. Marijuana that’s been contaminated by sea salt or chemicals like chlorine and detergent aren’t safe to smoke.

How to Dry Your Wet Weed

The Paper Method

If you’re wondering how to dry wet weed, there are two primary options: the paper method and the rice method. The paper method is the fastest way to dry weed. Just follow these steps:

  1. Break up your nugs into smaller pieces
  2. Tightly wrap your wet marijuana in thick paper towels
  3. Place your wrapped weed in a dry, dark area
  4. Turn on a nearby fan or dehumidifier (not necessary, but helps prevent mold)
  5. Change the paper every few hours until your weed is dry

What Not To Do

If you’re wondering how to dry weed as fast as possible, please refer to one of the two methods above. Other, quicker methods won’t be nearly as effective. Blow drying, putting it in the sun, and especially microwaving weed are all going to lower the quality of your bud and make it much harsher to smoke. Even leaving it out in the open with a fan may result in a lower-quality smoking experience. Also note that heat, light and humidity all increase the likelihood of growing mold. Instead, take your time, use one of the two methods above, and dry your wet bud in a dark, dry, well-ventilated area.

As we’ve previously stated, it’s really unhealthy to inhale mold. We know it’s sad, but you’re better off throwing away moldy weed than smoking it and getting really sick. Plus, moldy weed will taste absolutely disgusting. Both before and after you dry it, check your weed for mold. Generally speaking, mold will form as a powdery white substance on the surface of your nugs. Dark spots or yellow/gray fuzz may also appear where it shouldn’t, along with slime and sickly smell. If your weed has been wet and shows any of these sings, toss it.

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